Sunday, January 30, 2011

Soul Searching

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. The holidays are fabulous but it takes me at least a month to get back on track with life. Since I’ve been away, I’ve done a lot of deep reflecting on my experiences and the things I’ve brought into my life. Over the past year I’ve “dared” to do things the old me would have never attempted. Things I hadn’t thought I had the courage or talent to do… and I’ve really surprised even myself with how much I’ve grown. Though I still have a ways to go (because isn’t learning what life is all about anyway) I am feeling very encouraged in knowing that as long as I believe I can do something or know that I deserve something there is nothing that can stand in my way.

A lot of people feel as if they are not worthy of the things they want (I still have my struggles in this department as well). We often desire to have wonderful things and experiences but deep down wonder of we really deserve for the universe to give us what we are asking for. I am really not sure where this concept of unworthiness originated from, but that’s really not the point. The most important thing is to acknowledge when we have unhealthy or unloving thoughts about ourselves and our unworthiness and work to overcome them so that we can attract everything we desire! Trying new things can bring us far out of our comfort zone but in my experience that is usually where the biggest rewards are found. I strayed far from my comfort zone last year and the amount of growth I received in return has been immeasurable. This year I plan to go even further! Bring it on!