Monday, April 29, 2013

Quote of the Week

“Why indeed must “God” be a noun? Why not a verb… the most active and dynamic of all?” Mary Daly

An amazing proposal if I do say so myself. In a meeting I recently participated in with some amazingly spirited women, we discussed this fantastic concept. Why fantastic? Why not? How many people even consider the notion of adopting this type of POV about God... The Universe... Source...The Creator? Most tend to see The Creator as a larger than life being, towering over all of humanity, deciding our worth based on our every little thought, word and action. But what if God is really so much more?

What if we saw God as life in motion? What if we saw God as the true life force in which all of us are linked? What if we saw or even FELT God as the inspiration that moves us through life, in every second, of every moment, of every day? What if, when we felt that tingling rush of excitement, over something new and unknown we just KNEW that it was the force of God moving through us, propelling us forward, with love and strength into the most exalted lives we could ever begin to hope for?

What if we viewed God as the forever changing, constantly shifting, refreshingly revitalizing energy that truly is life?

What if…?

Just a little something to think about.


Friday, April 26, 2013

In The Moment…

Where have I been these last couple of… well you know, who’s counting the length of time I’ve been on MIA status anyway? *sweeps data under rug* The point is that I keep coming back to what I love. And this is a mighty fine lesson I’ve been learning from the universe, that no matter how long I’ve been “off-track,” I can always come back. *grumbles something about annoying lessons of the universe...*

The journey has truly been taking me for a roller coaster ride, jerking me in every which way, and I still haven’t managed to find the exit! *EEK!* If it’s not one thing it feels like another and really, when do I even find time to breathe? Constantly it seemed (seems) my mind was and is on constant overload. Always trying to figure something out or make plans for some up and coming experience. Wait… figuring it out? Didn’t I have some post like six months ago about NOT trying to figure it out? What happened to letting go and all that poppycock?! And yet here I’ve been, seemingly reverting back to old mindsets *shakes sense into self*… or have I *stops the shaking for a moment*?

Often I stop and wonder if I am reverting and how it may be hindering my possible progress. But then again, if I am actually able to take notice and recognize my consistent behaviors, am I really reverting back to the same spot? Or am I looking at similar circumstances from a different perspective, so that I am now actually gaining new perspective and expansion about it? Of course... then after all that pondering I have to consider... (yes after having said ALL of that) how much all of that pondering really matters anyway. When it comes down to it, it’s all about being able to let go and allowing the universe to work its magic (which really just means getting out of the way) as much as we possibly can. The best way to allow is just to trust in the universe and live in the moment.

When we can enjoy each moment as it comes, we are able to be open to new possibilities, new worlds, worlds that we never would have been able to consider fathoming, because when we are operating from the vastly unlimited source from within,EVERYTHING is more than possible, it becomes reality. If we are living in the moment and stepping out on faith (regardless of our specific doctrines or belief systems (or even lack there of), life is a new treasure, a new journey in each and every moment that we chose to breathe the breath of life!