Friday, March 9, 2012

Marathon Training

At the end of April I will be participating in my first marathon. Most people don’t decide to run a marathon and just show up at the scheduled date with no training. A marathon takes preparation to build strength and endurance of the mind and body.  Over time, a marathon runner will train, slowly increasing both attributes until they are able to cover the distance. As I’ve started training, I’ve realized that this process is similar to what it takes for creation/manifestation. Things don’t happen all at once. Over time (hopefully), we learn to see life experiences as the lessons they are and decide on whether we are happy with what we have now, or if we’d like to move in a different direction. Moving in a different direction takes time and focus, as far as training our minds and beliefs in the direction we would like for them to go. We won’t just show up at the end result without doing the work to conceptualize our vision; learn to turn our thoughts and beliefs into a positive direction regarding what we are wanting and then allowing ourselves to follow the guidance/intuition from the source. If we could trust in our own spiritual processes, in the same manner we trusted our marathon training; just think how much power our manifestations could really have.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Quote of the Week

“Worrying is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere.” Unknown

Absolutely one of the most fabulous quotes EVAH! I mean really… seriously… these few words speak such large volumes about the subject. Humans tend to be such control freaks even when we don’t mean to be. We say we are going to follow the process. We do all this work to focus on that we want and to visualize our dreams in such great clarity, it could rival the highest quality HDMI TV, but then we try to physical CONTROL how it’s all going to come about. Instead of letting go, to allow the universe/higher mind/inner being/source energy to do its work, we allow our egos to force us into to trying to take control. We are afraid that if we don’t grab the reigns and dictate the details then it won’t happen. In essence we (in the words of Bashar) “try to worry things into existence,” because we don’t truly have faith in the process. We hold ourselves in the same pattern of life, because while on one hand we focus on what we want, we continue to WORRY about the things we don’t want (which are often things we are already experiencing and trying to “get away” from).

So I’ve decided that from now on, I am going to allow myself to enjoy life as it comes. I will still focus on the inception of things I desire, but once the vision is deeply rooted within me, I am going to do my best to surrender it to the universe and allow my higher mind to do its job, while freeing my physical consciousness to enjoy the manifestations of my current situations.  

Friday, March 2, 2012


Sooooooooo… maybe I’ve discovered that I may have been avoiding things. Sure everyone avoids things, but these things could be a detriment (and in some cases are) to my overall growth and wellbeing. Recently, I was once again presented with an opportunity to face emotions from a past experience (long past).  I’m not sure if you’ve ever avoided something due to feeling inept or just plain ole’ uncomfortable, but I have… and apparently I still was. Last week I finally allowed myself to deal with some seemingly jumbled up emotions I had been refusing to deal with. I knew deep inside the vortex of uneasiness swirling within me had the potential to take me to a place of sadness or even anger, that I had no desire to visit. On the other hand there was also the potential that if I faced the truth, the root of those feelings, that all could be resolved and I would receive clarity.

After all this time I was able to take the plunge, and put my ego aside in order to choose clarity. The time had come to face my true feelings about past experiences, accept them as they were and allow myself to prosper. I allowed my thoughts and feelings to go deep within and hash out all of the causes for the clutter. During my journey I permitted myself to acknowledge the true feelings I had regarding past experiences, instead of just what my ego thought I should feel.  I let go of the denial and embraced the bare-naked reality. I mourned what felt like the loss of something wonderful, so that I could let go and make space for something even better, even greater to fill this now wonderfully open space. I decided to no longer block the manifestations of what I did want in order to hold on to past experiences of what I did not want. And so it was and still is.