Monday, May 13, 2013

Quote of the Week

“Straightaway the ideas flow in upon me, directly from God.” Johannes Brahms.

I love this bit of encouragement… well at least that’s how I see it. So many of us believe in God, but don’t always believe in an interactive or cooperative God. We ask for so many things, either forgetting or just not knowing that our thoughts are living energy. They reverberate out into the universe, pulsating and beating with a perfectly set frequency that will draw unto it things that match that specific frequency.

When these ideas or desires come to us they are an answer to something. An answer to what? Heck if I know, it depends on the thought, idea, the moment. Based on our every experience we make decisions all day long about what we want to see more of, what we never ever want to see again and some things we’re just neutral on. The Universe is constantly responding to these decisions, whether they are made consciously or unconsciously, which is why it benefits us all to take time each day to consider the ideas that we’ve been pondering and whether or not we want to associate with those things.
Often we spend so much time pondering (whatever we've been pondering) that we tire ourselves out or shift positions, having a change in perspective. The Universe always responds to our thinking, and often we get idea after idea regarding things we’d like to do to improve upon our lives, whether it’s buying a pretty house plant or moving across the country for a different opportunity. Ideas are gifts from God, in answer to the thought energy we consistently push out into this vibrantly beating universe. And since they come from God, it only makes sense that the Source of all existence would provide all the tools needed to make those ideas/dreams become a reality.
Perhaps we should all take some time see whether we are taking these ideas, accepting these wonderful gifts, or disregarding them, resisting these gifts. Ultimately as with any gift opportunity, the choice is ours on whether or not we will accept or reject the wonders the universe has to offer.
Just and Idea... ;)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Progress... Or Whatever.

I once read, that progress is more synonymous to moving two steps forward and one step back, VS the straight forward motion a lot of us have come to expect. To be honest my human mind often finds this process most annoying, I mean really, why do I gotta' go backward at all? *Appalled* Totally a breeding ground for frustration. When I've hurtled a milestone, the last thing I want to do is find myself, somehow, standing in front of THAT SAME EXACT MILESTONE! I mean really, what is that? How unfair?! Who wants to backtrack when they can just keep on trucking, right? (OK tantrum over... maybe)

Well ... over the course of time I have come to realize that hearing “progress” defined or explained in these terms was actually kind of validating (Have I lost my mind? Well maybe, but that's beside the point... just this one time). In retrospect, there have been SO many times when I've felt like a miserable failure at life (harsh, yeah I know), staying in the same spot, having no apparent growth, just down on myself, hard on myself for seemingly repeating the same crap over and over (Wait... did I say something even remotely close to LIKING this process? I must be a glutton for punishment... *sigh*).

Even with all the mighty mountains of frustration caused by growth, it feels even just a little bit better, knowing that regardless of the seemingly repetitive nature of my experiences, I AM actually moving forward. The notion that I am in some ways handling the events of my life, even slightly, better than before is somehow encouraging. Imagine that. And you know what else? After a while of handling things in a more productive manner, those repetitive situations somehow seem to just diminish into nonexistence.

I wonder why that might be? ;)

Just a little something to think about.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Quote of the Week

“God must become an activity in our consciousness.” Joel S. Goldsmith

To be honest, when I first selected this quote, I had no idea why. Even, still, as I worked at it later on... three days later to be exact, I only knew there was something about this particular collection of words, that called to the very essence, that is me. Something about these words makes me feel uplifted and alive. Something about these words feels…so…right.


Because I am somehow connected to them.

“What?” you ask. (Probably glancing at your computer screen with a raised eyebrow, I know, I often do too.)

But as strange as it sounds, I feel a connection with these words, a connection to the idea, the essence of these words. That causes my mind to turn and turn and truly wonder about God, about the true essence of The Creator of All Existence, about the Source that lives in every, single vibrating thing in this universe. These words truly make me ponder, what it is to truly and consciously incorporate that God essence into every aspect of our lives.

Yes I'm aware that at our core, we are made of that very same Source energy, thus the essence of Source is already incorporated into our lives, but I find myself wondering how often we actively/consciously use it? How much do we seek interaction and communion with this energy? How often do we ponder and reflect upon the true meanings of what this energy often tries to relay to us? How often do we quiet the thoughts from the ego/human mind to hear the steady, sure voice of the God force within? How often do we acknowledge that this living, pulsating energy is truly there, healing us, moving us, guiding us in all of the ways we’ve asked for… and more?

Do we truly invite the love of God into our lives, our hearts, our minds? Or out of fear, do we resist it, because so many times it leads us in directions that we are unfamiliar with and dare I say…frightened of?

I challenge us all, to take fifteen minutes out of each day, to merge our own consciousness with the God force energy, residing within, in order to commune with spirit and allow The Creator to shine through as we all initially intended.


Friday, May 3, 2013

The Censor… Oh Will You Shut Up Please?!

What might this censor be that I clearly want to do away with? It’s me… well sort of. Now before you decide to wrestle me into a white coat and check me into a loony bin, hear me out. As we go through life we are often told that we cannot trust ourselves and that the innate feeling(s) within, that gives us gentle guidance is selfish or self-serving, wrong and any other manner of non-positive things. We are 'guilted' (I did indeed say guilted) out of trusting and caring for ourselves, in lieu of a more acceptable view that society, our parents, our teachers, etc would prefer to impose upon us, so that we will be more willing to do for others than for ourselves.

As we spend life learning to trust the “wisdom” of others instead of the guidance of our own personal source from within, we begin to accept the outside “wisdom” as our own, learning to disregard the innate true wisdom from within. This “wisdom” (like how I keep putting that in quotes?) is the censor. It has inherently become a part of us, some call it the human mind, ego, logical brain, you know, that place where we store all the info we’ve learned and observed as to what is supposed to be right according to the approved standards of others (teachers, church, government, parents, etc). Over time this voice begins to drown out the natural inclination of the true wisdom within. This is the voice that tells us we are “Selfish” (yes with a capital 'S') for not putting the needs and desires of others before our own. It tries to tell us what we can and can’t do based on what feels “safe” not based on what feels “right.” The censor is us being mean to ourselves because that’s what we’ve learned to do.

I like to mentally and sometimes verbally slap my sensor around when she rears her meanie poo little head. I imagine her as a miniature clown, with a white pointed hat, topped with a large puffball. A painted face with, oversized red circles on each cheek… and a self esteem issue. The more I try to ignore her the louder she tries to be, wanting to force me to remain locked in the familiar (because that’s what society has told me I should do, stay in my place right?) vs wanting me to grow and expand into the unknown. When she gets too loud, I envision her just as I described above and I laugh at her. The imagery is too silly, to do anything but. Sometimes I even imagine myself laughing directly in her face, especially when she is trying to do her worst and then it's all the more fun imagining her shocked face at my disdain regarding her down-talk.

Lately I have come to realize that, yes this is all something that is a part of me, but it did not originally come from me, and it is something I can acknowledge and change in order to be nicer to myself.

The next time you find that censor flaring up, you’ll know, because the internal talk will be guilt-ridden and negative, words and phrases to bring you down and diminish you, try to steal the power from it. Tell that voice to simmer down, so the quiet voice of source can be heard above the ruckus.