Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Advice or Guidance

You know I’m often told I’m good at giving advice or guidance, but I often struggle with accepting it, even from myself. Often times I’ll know that the reason I’m in a certain situation is because of my current thought patterns, however there are times when I struggle to change them. See, I don’t have a fear of digging deep inside to get to the root of my problems, it’s more so that at times I just forget to do so. That sounds ridiculous, you say? Well maybe.

There are a lot of things I’ve noticed about living in this physical reality, and one huge thing is that change takes time. We are often so submerged in the drama of our own lives we have a hard time taking an objective view to the experiences happening to us. In other words, it’s a hell of a lot easier to look into someone else’s experience and point out where and possibly how the change needs to happen. On the other hand, when we are in the midst of our own emotions going haywire it’s not so easy to pull back and analyze the situation with a clear mind.

I’ve noticed that I can also be guilty of looking outside of my own thoughts and behaviors for reasons why things aren’t going right. Though, I know (because experiences and research have shown me) that I am the only one who can create within my experience, I still have moments when I fall into the trap of looking outside of myself for verification of my desires or worth. Of course since no one can ever provide this validation for me, because they aren’t me, they “disappoint” me every time. It is only after I breakdown and enter my careful introspection that I’ve realized I’ve yet again forgotten to follow my teachings. I don’t beat up on myself about it though. Since I am living in a physical experience, that is submerged in endless emotions, I just remember that I can always pickup myself back up, and get back on the perfect course for me if I chose. It is so, because I make it so.