Monday, February 27, 2012

Quote of the Week

“If you want something you’ve never had before, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done before.” Drina Reed

I couldn’t love this quote more, even if I’d come up with it myself. How many times have we seen people out in the world, trying their hardest to get new results out of the same old efforts? Everything they do is the same day and after day and they wonder why life never improves. And even further, it’s the energy behind the actions that causes the most hindrance. Repeatedly people get up in the morning, and hate it. They go to work, and they hate it. They rush through the rest of their day with themselves and their families, hating that they have to rush just so they can get enough rest to go to the jobs they all hate… and they hate, and they hate, and they hate… and.. they… hate.

But what if they stepped outside of that comfort zone and were willing to stop blaming the outside world for all the things they hate? What if, even though they still might do the same or similar things day by day, they would be willing to change the energy behind all those actions? What if they could focus on being the beacon of light and positivity in their own lives, (and in the process the lives of others) instead of looking for others to provide it. What if they could look forward to feeling good about the lives they have, and being appreciative, instead of being spiteful. What if? What if? What if? What if?

Friday, February 24, 2012


So I was in line in a local grocery store and I overheard (no I was not snooping) a conversation in front of me. Two gentleman were talking about Tom Brady (yes the quarterback, yes I do watch football… don’t judge me). I’ve noticed a lot of people really can’t stand this particular quarterback (the two men in front of me included). And they were talking about the fact that he REALLY desires to win a fourth championship. The words spoken were something along the lines of he’s won three championships already, wakes up next to a super model and is totally rich. Then the guy goes on to say, “Hasn’t God blessed you enough?”

Ok I’m really skipping past the religious connotations of people not being able to receive things unless they receive/earn some sort of blessing by way of performing specific acts or rituals (really that’s not what my blog is about). But I was more focused on the fact that this person in front of me was of the belief that at some point in life, you should stop wanting more. My question is, WHY?!

To me this is a stark example of why most people can’t get more, or most, or even any of what they feel they want. The thing that stands out to me is that this person appears to be operating from a perception of lack. If Tom Brady has too much then he is taking away from some other “more deserving” person. Now true, only one person can win a championship at a time, but there is one every year, so it’s not like it’s never going to come around again. His wife isn’t the only super model in the world and money is abundant if you allow it into your life. How then, if Tom Brady gets another championship is anyone being slighted? And why is his desire for wanting more a bad or wrong thing? He is following the desire within, obviously this is the case or he wouldn’t be as passionate about it.

Here’s something to consider. If we could stop telling people like Tom Brady what they do and don’t deserve maybe we could focus most of our attention on manifesting the things WE want for OURSELVES. People see a sports figure and all of the money he/she has but they don’t know the time, thought and energy that person or those people have put into being successful. Paying attention to how much we don’t feel someone else deserves something is operating from a point of lack. We feel if they take all of whatever it is, then there won’t be enough for us. It’s not even about them not deserving what they have, but us (because of prior teachings) believing that to want more and so much is wrong and or gluttonous. We feel guilty about wanting more and thus project those negative thoughts onto others, insisting that they shouldn’t have or want more either.

When the fact of the matter is, wanting more is why we came to be in the first place. Our inner being wanted to expand more and thus came into these physical bodies to enjoy the process of creation in the physical world. If that is not the case then why do we feel so enlightened when we allow ourselves to relax and enjoy life? That is our inner being saying, “Yes! Wonderful, enjoy life and all it brings.” The good feeling sure as hell doesn’t mean, no please stop enjoying life you shouldn’t want more! So maybe the next time we see someone like Tom Brady and start to feel negativity about all that someone like him has earned, by being in alignment with it, perhaps we should examine why. What are we holding ourselves back from, that we truly desire that is causing us to feel envious of someone who didn’t hold back and went for it all. We ALL may be surprised at what we find.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Quote of the Week

“If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us.”  Hermann Hesse

Well this one is short and simple. Everything the universe brings into our existence is a response to the thoughts we think, that we happen to be in alignment with. The things that we truly believe and focus on consistently are always being reflected to us through everything we interact with; including the people we see or interact with on a daily basis. In short if we weren’t in alignment with it (whatever “it” is), it would never be able to enter into our existence. So if you hate someone, it’s time to take a long hard look at the REAL reason why, because it has nothing to do with what’s in him/her and everything to do with something that’s in you. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Learning to Take Good Advice

So after the fabulous quote from earlier this week I have really taken the message to heart. I realized that too much of what I do has to have a specific outcome behind it and if I don’t make the set goal I deem the activity a failure. Well, I’ve decided that from now forward I am going to work toward manifestations just for the sake of enjoyment. I don’t care if they make me any money or make me look illustriously successful in front of my friends.

I want life to be about the ride. I mean that’s why we’re here right? The grander part, the non- physical part of me, that god-force energy came into this body to enjoy the delights that only the physical experience can provide. I plan to train my vibration such that I really am enjoying the events and experiences of my life, instead of stressing on whether or not my life is being productive toward a specific outcome. I want to take life as it comes and learn to enjoy where I am no matter what. And so it is. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Quote of the Week

“Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.” David Frost

I absolutely love this quote and I also must say that this message is just SO on time for me! I (as well as most) have an idea of success, an image I carry in my head. What does the idea of success mean to most? Mostly the image in our heads involves a certain type of house, mate, children, career path, etc. All of these things are external, material things we often use as an indicator of how happy or successful we are or could be. But what if happiness was the indicator? What if we paid MORE attention to what made us FEEL good, opposed to what we THINK makes us LOOK good? How about if we all could try to do that thing (or those things) that made our hearts burst with love and joy and let that be the indicator of success. In my honest opinion I believe that he measure of success should come from inside instead of outside. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Act My Age?

Well what if I don’t wanna?!

Inspired by a message posted by The Daily Buddha. Without a doubt this page has some of the most insightful posts I have been fortunate enough to observe. You can check them out here

Anyway, at the end of a particular message shared regarding age, the author asked the question, “If you did not know how old you are then how old would you act?”

I totally love this question! I often tell people that I feel as if I stopped aging around 16 ish, because for the most part I still feel like that youthful, excited about life person that I used to be. I don’t believe in waiting for a specific age to make major or minor changes in my life. If I need a change, I start it that moment, with my thoughts and let the rest play out as it will/should. I don’t believe that I have to stop enjoying something, because I am now too old, or that I should force myself to enjoy things, because it’s what “people my age” do. Forget it! My communication with source is just as intact now, as it was when I was born and there’s no need to allow worldly opinions of other people’s expectations dictate how I should behave. If I’ve been enjoying something or want to enjoy something new, why should the numbers of my age dictate whether or not I have the right to the experience?

Recently, I had my golden birthday. I turned 29 and it was THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! And not one time did it cross my mind, in a big, bad scary way, that I am one step closer to the big three zero. I am not afraid of turning 30. I am able to embrace that I will have just completed another fantastic decade of my wonderful life and will be looking forward to many more. In fact, I am looking forward to 30, because I KNOW it’s going to be completely AWESOME! Every day I vow, again and again, that I WILL live my life to the fullest. See I believe that the age thing is so important (and often scary) to most because the majority of people tend to base important milestones on age. “Oh, I should be married by X age, and have my first kid by X age, and if I don’t I’ll sit on the shelf forever and ever and ever…” BUT, what if we didn’t torture ourselves in such stressful manner? If we took life one day at a time, and enjoyed every moment as it came, would we have time to be terrified about sitting on that proverbial shelf, or would we be having such a BLAST that it would never have time to enter our minds?

Bottom line… All we have is right now and really in the grand scheme of things, right now is what really matters. If you were to transition from this body today, would you be leaving behind a ton of shoulda coulda woulda, or would you pass on with a smile knowing that every moment was lived to the fullest? Right now is all we have, and there is no point in life more powerful than this moment. So why not live it up… RIGHT NOW?! And tell anyone who says your age should stop you, that they are not the boss of YOU!