Sunday, January 13, 2013

Letting Go...

... For real this time. Well I've been missing for a bit threeish months, but no one's counting, right? You know when you ask for change it's always good to be prepared for anything. If only I could take my own advice, because I've been informed on numerous occasions that I give great advice. I've had a lot of things in the works for quite some time, how long I can't really say... but again no one's really counting right? However the consistent factor in me not receiving quite a few things, is my need for control.

Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm a control freak. I'm not one of those types who tries to force everyone around to do her bidding, or else. No, that's a bit too much even for me. I'm the type of control freak that wants experiences to happen the way I envision them. There is an underlying fear that if my requests are answered in any way, other that what I envisioned, they won't turn out as good. Thus, I am unable to truly let go, which is a very serious problem.

See the thing is I, from my limited human perspective, don't actually know everything, as much as I'd like to pretend I do. And in my resistance to experiences outside of my current perspective I am potentially cutting off the exact experiences I've been asking for. Neale Donald Walsch says, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Probably one of the most insightful quotes I've ever read, however consciously difficult to apply in every day life, because so many of us are only willing to trust in what's familiar.

The things is, in my experiences the best gifts have always come in the most unsuspecting packages. A person would think that I'd learn from that and just trust in the universe. Well I'm putting my money where my mouth is (I really don't understand that saying, but whatever lol). Over and over it's been reaffirmed that I truly DON'T know it all, and when I get the hell out of the way and allow the universe to do it's work, I am always surprised at how the universe truly shows up on my behalf in ways I'd never even thought to consider.

Universe - 254,365,125,565,455,125,845,458,231.23
Michelle - Zip

Letting go - Priceless

Talk to you all later.

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