Monday, May 13, 2013

Quote of the Week

“Straightaway the ideas flow in upon me, directly from God.” Johannes Brahms.

I love this bit of encouragement… well at least that’s how I see it. So many of us believe in God, but don’t always believe in an interactive or cooperative God. We ask for so many things, either forgetting or just not knowing that our thoughts are living energy. They reverberate out into the universe, pulsating and beating with a perfectly set frequency that will draw unto it things that match that specific frequency.

When these ideas or desires come to us they are an answer to something. An answer to what? Heck if I know, it depends on the thought, idea, the moment. Based on our every experience we make decisions all day long about what we want to see more of, what we never ever want to see again and some things we’re just neutral on. The Universe is constantly responding to these decisions, whether they are made consciously or unconsciously, which is why it benefits us all to take time each day to consider the ideas that we’ve been pondering and whether or not we want to associate with those things.
Often we spend so much time pondering (whatever we've been pondering) that we tire ourselves out or shift positions, having a change in perspective. The Universe always responds to our thinking, and often we get idea after idea regarding things we’d like to do to improve upon our lives, whether it’s buying a pretty house plant or moving across the country for a different opportunity. Ideas are gifts from God, in answer to the thought energy we consistently push out into this vibrantly beating universe. And since they come from God, it only makes sense that the Source of all existence would provide all the tools needed to make those ideas/dreams become a reality.
Perhaps we should all take some time see whether we are taking these ideas, accepting these wonderful gifts, or disregarding them, resisting these gifts. Ultimately as with any gift opportunity, the choice is ours on whether or not we will accept or reject the wonders the universe has to offer.
Just and Idea... ;)

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