Monday, May 6, 2013

Quote of the Week

“God must become an activity in our consciousness.” Joel S. Goldsmith

To be honest, when I first selected this quote, I had no idea why. Even, still, as I worked at it later on... three days later to be exact, I only knew there was something about this particular collection of words, that called to the very essence, that is me. Something about these words makes me feel uplifted and alive. Something about these words feels…so…right.


Because I am somehow connected to them.

“What?” you ask. (Probably glancing at your computer screen with a raised eyebrow, I know, I often do too.)

But as strange as it sounds, I feel a connection with these words, a connection to the idea, the essence of these words. That causes my mind to turn and turn and truly wonder about God, about the true essence of The Creator of All Existence, about the Source that lives in every, single vibrating thing in this universe. These words truly make me ponder, what it is to truly and consciously incorporate that God essence into every aspect of our lives.

Yes I'm aware that at our core, we are made of that very same Source energy, thus the essence of Source is already incorporated into our lives, but I find myself wondering how often we actively/consciously use it? How much do we seek interaction and communion with this energy? How often do we ponder and reflect upon the true meanings of what this energy often tries to relay to us? How often do we quiet the thoughts from the ego/human mind to hear the steady, sure voice of the God force within? How often do we acknowledge that this living, pulsating energy is truly there, healing us, moving us, guiding us in all of the ways we’ve asked for… and more?

Do we truly invite the love of God into our lives, our hearts, our minds? Or out of fear, do we resist it, because so many times it leads us in directions that we are unfamiliar with and dare I say…frightened of?

I challenge us all, to take fifteen minutes out of each day, to merge our own consciousness with the God force energy, residing within, in order to commune with spirit and allow The Creator to shine through as we all initially intended.


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